Edyta Roscinska ACII – Head of Service & Underwriting: Employee Benefits – Sutton Winson Ltd

“Apex has a long and successful history working with us at Sutton Winson. Since 2001, over 50 of our employees at Certificate (Level 3) and Diploma (Level 4) have completed apprenticeships with Apex. Our staff enjoy working with David and Adrian – they are experienced and well qualified in our market, and results have been consistently good. We work closely with Apex in the planning, design and management of programmes, so that students enjoy the experience, progress well and we are kept fully involved and informed.”

Sarah Adams – Director of Operations – tifgroup

“tifgroup has worked with Apex since 2013, with new groups of apprentices/learners starting each year since then. We have found Apex to be a good training company for our market sector. They engage well with our learners, run thoughtfully designed sessions and provide excellent materials. We like the regular progress reports from Apex and the high standard of results achieved.”


Emma Tucker – Director – Town & Country Insurance Services

“It is important to us at Town & Country Insurance Services that our staff receive the right training to progress their careers. We have worked with Apex for over 15 years and many of our staff have completed apprenticeship and learning programmes during that time. I’d say that detailed knowledge of the insurance market, a high standard of training and materials, qualified and experienced trainers and regular communication with us as the employer are what we most appreciate from Apex. Our staff enjoy working with Apex trainers and really value the qualifications they achieve.”

Rachael Fergusson – HR & Training Manager – A-Plan

“When Apex offered to work with A-Plan Insurance on the new Level 3 Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship, we already had excellent reports from our managers from previous programmes, so had no hesitation in accepting. We know Apex as a specialist insurance training business, and particularly like the family nature of the firm, which adds a valuable dynamic. David and Adrian work well as a team and deliver what they promise. The sessions are regular and fit in with our workplace needs, provide the right level of support to help our learners achieve success and create an enjoyable working environment. Apex are good and swift communicators and always keep us posted, so we are fully in the picture.”

George Hazelden Cert CII – Transformation Officer – tifgroup

“I can’t thank Apex Consultants enough for the support and training provided for my CII qualification. I found the resources provided were clear, concise, and far easier to follow than the textbook for each module. The chapter guides were best complimented through the group training sessions which allowed us to discuss and draw on not only the group’s experience but also examples from David’s experience and the wealth of examples from Apex’s previous students. We received consistent support throughout our learning, and although I found the course easy to follow, I’m sure additional support and guidance would have been available should I have needed it. Overall, I found the course very positive and would certainly study with them again.”

Alex Smith Cert CII – Account Manager – tifgroup

“I was lucky enough to be part of the first group who undertook CII Cert training at tifgroup, delivered by David at Apex Consultants. It was my first job within insurance, and I had little knowledge of the industry or regulatory framework. The course structure alongside materials used, the friendly & interactive approach taken and, the interactive sessions all allowed me to achieve my goals within a relatively short time frame.  David & Adrian are a great team and I couldn’t recommend Apex Consultants enough.”

James Penfold Dip CII – Team Manager – Sutton Winson Ltd

“I began working with Apex as a trainee insurance technician when I first entered into insurance. I have now been working with them for some 19 years throughout my professional development. Through two schemes I now have the Cert CII, DIP CII and two NVQ’s. They helped provide real focus to my studies and key support all the way through. It is so rewarding still seeing them help colleagues take their first steps and continue their professional development in excellent hands.”

Becky Armstrong ACII – Client Technician – Sutton Winson Ltd

“I was lucky enough to benefit from the access to Apex through both my Cert CII qualification and later on to my Dip CII, this means that I have known David at Apex for roughly the last 8/9 years. My Cert went well and I found the sessions useful and informative. I procrastinated a lot between the Cert and Dip as I was worried about the leap between the two levels and how I would adapt to assignment writing, having not been to university. So I jumped at the chance to complete my Dip with Apex when my company launched the Dip training programme a few years after I completed my Cert. This is where Apex really came in to their own, teaching the skills to juggle learning the content of each module and revision for an exam all whilst writing assignments. Apex were always patient with my queries, often responding to emails at weekends when I was in need of some help or guidance, bearing in mind that most study related stuff was done outside of working hours due to working full time. They kept me motivated and provided extra resources in the form of study notes, practice exams etc. Having a structured approach made sure that I stayed on track with my study plan. I’m happy to report that I passed all of my exams and assignments first time around and I credit that to the help and support I received from Apex. Furthermore, they’ve given me the confidence and skills to continue my professional development by myself and I’m ACII qualified. Without Apex, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to attempt further study after the Cert. Thanks guys!!”