Management & Supervisory Training and Management of Training & Competence (T&C)

Apex offers three broad types of management and supervisory training:

1. Generalist training in management and supervisory skills and techniques.
This includes leadership and team-building skills, the skills of delegating, decision-making, time management, managing change and managing difficult people and situations. Planning, objective setting, project management and designing and running an effective appraisal system are other subjects we cover.

2. Specialist training in the supervision of financial advisers and mortgage advisers.
This includes meeting regulatory requirements as a supervisor, as well as the supervisory skills of managing and improving adviser performance, assessment and feedback, identifying training and development needs and coaching.

3. Training in the management of the Training and Competence (T&C) function.
This includes meeting the regulatory requirements in running an effective T&C system, including training on setting up the system and ensuring that it meets both business and regulatory needs

Note: We also offer the facility to run in-house courses where the firm has insufficient resources or simply wishes to outsouce the running of training.