General Insurance Training

Our training is geared towards Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualifications. This is mainly at Certificate in Insurance level. In our experience, the ability to demonstrate an industry-wide qualification and to use the letters Cert CII is a big motivator.

We provide regular monthly training sessions, notes for each chapter and a bank of multiple choice questions and mock exams to help prepare for the exam. We have a high success rate and are able to adapt the training style to the individual for maximum success.

We also offer training for Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels and some of those we train see themselves going on to these as a natural progression.

Our belief is that professionals such as solicitors, accountants and surveyors can demonstrate a track record in achievement of professional qualifications and it will increase the reputation of those in the insurance profession if they can do so too.

The main ingredients in achieving exam success are:

  • Good study materials
  • Regular training sessions
  • A good working relationship between trainer and student
  • Commitment to study regularly
  • Employer support for the student

We work extremely hard at ensuring all of these factors are present. We realise that the daily workload in the office has to be achieved too and we set a high priority on arranging sessions so that both work and study objectives are met.