Mortgage & Financial Services Training

Apex offers two types of mortgage and financial services training.

1. Product and technical training
The training is geared towards assisting both advisers and support staff to study for and pass the required regulatory examinations. Now that regulatory requirements extend to lifetime mortgages, equity release and home reversions, we can focus on these areas, where necessary on a fast-track basis.

2. Specialist training in the supervision of financial advisers and mortgage advisers
This includes meeting regulatory requirements as a supervisor, as well as the supervisory skills of managing and improving adviser performance, assessment and feedback, identifying training, development needs and coaching.

We usually train at the firm's premises and can either offer one or two day programs, or alternatively, regular monthly training sessions.

Note: Where busy principals and advisers wish to go on to more advanced mortgage and financial services qualifications, we can organise a series of training sessions to fit in around the workload. We are experienced at "running with the flow" of a business and find that clients like the discipline of having regular training sessions, as long as the program is flexible enough to keep writing the business!